Rejuvenation bundle

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This bundle includes a chunky selenite wand and two tourmaline pieces! 
These two crystals work very well together to help protect and cleanse you. They remove blockages from your energy field, enabling you to feel balanced. This will help you with fatigue or stress.
Tourmaline works with the root chakra to help you feel grounded. It will also shield you from negativity. 
Selenite is a high frequency crystal which amplifies other crystals and also guides awareness of higher planes of inner experience.
The selenite wand can be used to comb your auric field and draw any negative energies out. Tourmaline crystals can be used during meditation, placed in your room to create a protective energy grid, or simply carry it with you to allow it to protect you throughout your day! 
This bundle is reiki charged with an abundance of protection and rejuvenation