Palo Santo Natural Incense

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Fill your space with divine love! This comes with a piece of Palo Santo for you to gradually burn at your leisure, it can last 2 months minimum depending on how much you burn it 

  • The Bursera graveolens (botanical name) is a typical tree of the South American Pacific coast, closely linked to incense as it comes from the same botanical family (Burseracea) 
  • Its wood is characterised by a strong natural fragrance and has been used since ancient times by indigenous people (Maya, Inca and Mantena) for its many psycho-physical beneficial properties as a spiritual remedy to purify the air from bad energy and annoying insects


  • Use: light up one end of the stick, let it burn for about 20 seconds, then gently extinguish it (or let it burn out on its own). A thin wisp of smoke will rise from the coals and spread into the surrounding environment the typical aroma of this fragrant wood, scent of the soul.

Particularly works well with sage to mask it's smell after you have cleared the space to then fill it with love and happiness of Palo Santo.