Dravite De-tox Crystal (Champagne Tourmaline)

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Crystal of Detox
This is a high vibration crystal which can aid detoxification by giving you a deep cleanse! It will also ward off negative energies and protect you. Perfect at helping you relax and de-stressing you!

This includes two pieces for you to hold in each hand and allow each Dravite to cleanse you! 

The history
Discovered by Gustav Tschermak in the late 1800's. Beautiful jewerly can be made from dravite on account of its 7 on the hardness scale 

The science

Dravite can be heat treated to a lighter colour, the colour that appears when you shine a light into your Dravite. Naturally its dark brown in colour, but it does also come in natural lighter shades. High magnesium content as well as sodium causes it to be brown. Dravite is high pressure, high temperature mineral. Ranges from opaque to transparent like most tourmaline.