Blue Kyanite Shard Pendant

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Kyanite is such an explosive crystal, formed by the crashing together of tectonic plates! Capturing some of the most intense energy the outer earth produces, causing to hold a very high energy vibration! Kyanite is used for self healing and is very useful for those struggling with meditation increasing positivity in love, helping to take the risks that are sometimes required. This crystal blade provides energetic alignment helping you balance your chakras, it is a good crystal to have if you want to work on healing your chakras. 

In History:
Kyanite received its name from the Greek word "kyanos," which means "deep blue."
Kyanite mainly found its mainstream use during the manufacturing revolution when it was widely used in ceramics and refractories, also being used in electronics and abrasives.

In Wicca:
In some lore, Archangel Michael's sword was supposedly made from a huge blade of kyanite. Being connected with Jupiter and Pisces. The elements of air and water are represented with kyanite. Recently kyanite is being used more often in magical formulates to create and sustain links with the earth and plant energies.