Shipping & Delivery

We are very proud of our outstanding shipping capabilities, bringing our customers amazing value and service. We currently operate free shipping* to more than 200 countries and this continues to grow. This growth allows us to meet the needs of all customers by delivering a service that is more than just a product. We ensure that expectations and consumer rights of our customers come first. Wherever you are in the world. 

*Excluding Home Decor*

How does the shipping process work?

After an order is received by our team in the United Kingdom, the order is confirmed by the team to ensure that everything is correct, then depending on the location of the customer the order is passed onto one of our strategically located partners, where the package is prepared and shipped to the customer. Sometimes the item will not be available with one of our partners, in this case we will pay the extra cost of shipping and ship it directly to you our main warehouse in the United Kingdom.

Who are our strategic partners?

Occasionally we come across amazing people, that are very interested in learning about Crystals, Reiki and meditation. Many people look for guidance from our specialised team, often good friendships are made and after a surge in orders from the USA and Australia, we decided that the international shipping costs were too expensive and our new friends offered to help! This is how we developed our shipping network,  We use a trusted network of these special people to offer free worldwide shipping.

what about customs?

The costs are usually covered by us, sometimes there can be mix ups with customs, do not worry. contact us and we will make sure you receive your package.


How long does shipping take?

Shipping time varies by location, but is usually between 1-7 days. All orders are Dispatched within 1 working day.