Mini Selenite Cleansing Slab

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Our smallest selenite (satin spa) cleansing slab for your beautiful crystals to be placed on, in your home as an ornament and will draw out all negative energies, cleansing your space. You can also place your crystals on it to cleanse them (in the moonlight overnight is best!). Shapes vary, please request a photo if you would like to see what we have in stock or If you would like a particular size or shape please get in touch and we can cut it to size for you! 

Selenite promotes balance and protection. Radiates pure energy into your home and aligns your chakra whilst cleansing your aura and home! Selenite can also be used for angelic connection or communication with your guides during meditation. This powerful crystal can amplify your energy and connection to source.

Please note these crystals are not included, see our Crystal Chest for a selection of crystals with a smaller piece of chunky Selenite Crystal Cleansing Plate. Please contact us to personalise which crystals are included (Price may vary)!