Calcite Crystal Bundle

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Each bundle includes one of each of these: 

Blue Calcite- heals the throat and third eye chakra, enhances psychic ability

Clear Calcite- provides clarity and helps manifestation

Orange Calcite- elicits creativity  and confidence

Red Calcite- attracts life force energy and aids weight loss

In Feng Shui
Crystals like this beautiful specimen are used around the house in many ways, with a single objective, to create good Feng Shui energy. The word crystal was derived from the Greek word Krystallosmeaning frozen light. 

In History:
Limestone is a part of the calcite family, limestone being the stone used to build the Egyptian pyramids, calcium carbonate has been used throughout the centuries and is an abundant crystal throughout the earth. With calcite making up a large portion of the earth's crust. Historically it has been used in powdered form for early paints and pigments. Calcite has also been used in the treatment of soils. this stone cleanses some of the damage our civilization has done to the earth, being used to combat the effects of pollution on the earth.

In Wicca:
Blue Calcite is connected with the planets Venus and Jupiter. Connected with the element water. Blue Calcite is used most commonly in general healing and pain relief, particularly of the back, also purification.
Red Calcite is connected with the planet Mars and the heart chakra
Orange Calcite is connected with the Sun and the star sign Leo with awareness expanding abilities and the ability to draw happy, joyful, enthusiastic energy.
Clear Calcite is connected with the moon and the element of water aiding in: spirituality, meditation and scrying. aids to balance different parts of the psyche, emotions and grounding process.