What crystals can you use under the full moon?

Full Moon Crystal Ritual

Virgo Full Moon 2018

What is the Virgo Full Moon?

You may have noticed the past few months the energies have been so high It may have drained you. Virgos full moon energy is very energising in contrast, you will feel motivated and ready to accomplish that to-do list that has been looming! Now is the time to get started on that project you have been wanting to complete! Make use of this beautiful energy you will be surrounded by. Here’s a few tips you can take on board to help you progress further this month by welcoming this energy:

What Crystals will help you?


Help you you release anything, filling you with pure light energy and helping you start the month fresh!


Help you manifest your goals for this month and bring an abundance!


This beautiful piece will work with your root chakra and help ground you which will keep you in balance for this month and ensure you complete tasks without any negative energy weighing you down. This crystal is perfect at clearing energetic blockages. Place it under your pillow or wearit to help shield and protect you.

New Beginnings Bundle

Our New Beginnings Bundle (Honey Calcite, Red Calcite, Selenite and Blue Kyanite) resonate with the virgo full moon because it can assist you with adjusting to this new energy and give you strength to break habits, welcome the new and will fill you with vitality!


What Full Moon ritual you can do

The period of time is for reflecting and releasing to prepare for the month ahead. Clear any clutter out of your house and it will help you declutter your mind. Release the old and allow the new into your life.  A good way of doing this is to write a letter and burning sage/palo santo:

Sage and Palo Santo

Burning these are a must during a full moon ritual! Sage helps clears your space and Palo Santo fills your space with divine love!

Write a gratitude and cleansing letter:

List everything you are grateful for (this raises your vibration) and write as well as everything you want to let go of and forgive yourself and others for (this makes room for growth). Write some goals for this month.

Burn the letter

As a symbol of releasing burn the letter and say the following mantra:

“Thank you universe for ___, I am truly blessed, Thank you for helping me release the past and allowing me to enter this new beginning and bring an abundance of goodness into my life, thank you, thank you thank you, and so it is!”

Thank the universe and let it do its magic! Remember to have faith that everything will go to plan if you stick at it. It’s all about what you put out there therefore keep your vibes high and love life!

Happy full moon!

Crystal Blessings,

Amor Vida xx

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