The importance of Self love

Do yourself a massive favour and love yourself, well and truly. This can be hard because of years or lifetimes of resentment that has built up and created so many blockages. During spiritual healing sessions, practitioners can feel the heaviness and the shield that has formed around the heart chakra because of this. Think about this for a second. How many times have you heard someone say, no matter what it's just not happening for me and I don't understand why? 

We are so unbelievably hard on ourselves and it does us no good. Love uplifts anyone, imagine how much it would lift you if you loved yourself more and more with each day? Start by saying 'i love you' in the mirror and note how it makes you feel. Then try list three things people love about you and three things you love about yourself. Watch the ripples of happiness this brings you. 

Heart chakra healing requires patience and strength. It may not take just one session or just one crystal you utilise, its all dependent on the amount of emotional trauma you  may have experienced and healing this on a deeper level. It may require a lot of acceptance, forgiving and releasing too. 

Releasing techniques 

Forgiveness is key to moving on and allowing new to come into your life. During a full moon try write a letter to yourself stating anything you want to let go of and out loud that you forgive yourself for... And that you let it go. Tell yourself you 'love and accept yourself' and allow the new to come your way. You can try cut cords using Selenite or kyanite to work on a deeper level. Use quartz or Selenite to amplify energy and tourmaline (or any black Crystals) to absorb any negative energy. Then hold a green, pink or moonstone crystal when you are working on loving yourself and light a candle to amplify the energy further. You can also burn the letter, safely, to further confirm you are releasing the past. Burn sage and Palo santo around your aura and house to cleanse and fill your home with love! 


We have created feather pendants which sit beautifully on your heart chakra to heal deeply and remind yourself loving you is very important! Feathers also represent transformation and elegancy, flow through life like a free sporit! Emerald is a beautiful crystal for self love, prosperity and health! 

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