Beginner Crystal ~ Selenite

The Ultimate Cleanser ~ Selenite

Everyone deserves some selenite in their life! When customers ask what is a good crystal to start off with this is top of the list. Not only does it cleanse your energetic auric field it also cleanses your home and crystals. Crystals absorb energy and for best results it is important to regularly cleanse them, this allows them to work on a higher level and resonate deeply. Simply placing your crystals on a selenite slab after each meditation practice or after you have slept with them is a good routine to implement and selenite will them amplify that crystal energy in your beautiful home! (They also look like an amazing ornament!!)

Meditating with Selenite

There are a few ways you can use selenite during your meditation. You can lie down and simply place it on a specific chakra and set the intention of it cleansing it. To deepen this meditation you can visualise the colour of the chakra and a flower opening in that area. Allow at least 10 minutes for you to feel a little lighter and refreshed. 

Create an energetic circuit

If you have any black crystals, for example tourmaline is perfect, you can combine its grounding and protective energy with the cleansing energy of selenite and hold such a beautiful space. Try holding selenite in your left hand and tourmaline in your right hand and visualise white light coming through your left hand and set the intention of releasing any bad energy through your right side. If you need a detox this is a great session you can have, especially during a full moon! 

You can also place selenite in each corner of the room to create a cleansing circuit or you can surround yourself with 4/8 pieces when mediating, in a grid like manner. Mix this with tourmaline for protective and grounding energy!


Headaches can relate to a blocked crown chakra. Try placing selenite on your head/forehead, or above your crown chakra if you are lying down, and take a deep breath in, visualise white light running through your crown chakra through your body and out of your hands, release your breath. Repeat this for at least 10 minutes. You can also try simply holding the selenite on any pain for at least 10 minutes. 

Morning routine

It is important to regularly cleanse your own energy, as just like crystals absorb energy, we do too! Think about the amount of different energies you come in contact with throughout your day, it is a lot. This is one of the reasons a lot of us feel drained when we come back from shopping or from our office based jobs. We absorb Electromagnetic Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) too and this also lowers our vibes (Wearing tourmaline is great for blocking this and negative energy). This is why it is important we re-charge and cleanse regularly- using selenite daily is a great start!

You can begin by carrying it with you or sleeping with it. Then try implement it in your routine; for example when you are getting ready in the morning! Hold a selenite wand in front of you and wave it around you setting the intention of it energising and cleansing you. Try run it from the top of your head down to your feet and comb it down your arms and then behind you too. You can also set the intention of it cutting any cords with things holding you back. It is also nice to end your day like this and sleep with some selenite above you or with you to cleanse your day away! 

Selenite jewelry holders

When you wear jewelry it become a part of your aura and absorbs so much of your energy, to keep you balanced it is good to cleanse your crystal jewelry as often as you can to ensure you are bringing a high energy into your aura which will raise your vibration! We have a huge blocks of selenite which we can custom cut for you if you have a certain size or design in mind. We also make these unique selenite jewelry holders so that you can hang your gorgeous piece of jewelry on them, while you get ready or whilst you are asleep. 

Angelic energy

Selenite works on an etheric level too! If you are wanting to raise your vibe this is a beautiful crystal to work with as it helps you work closely with your guardian angel and brings pure energy into your space. Selenite works with your higher chakras- Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Transpersonal  and etheric (8th) to aid spiritual activation!

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